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Astrology Reports for Kids

An astrology reading is one of the soundest investments you can make for your child. There's a wealth of information to help you understand your child, starting from the day of birth. The chart will show the bumps in the road and where the going is smooth. Astrology is one of the most powerful tools around to help your child. This is a wonderful gift for new parents.

The Zodiac Child Report    Illustrated Report

This is amazing astrology report covers the years from birth to  pre-teen. You'll learn about areas such as family, friends, and peers, mental excellence, emotions, talents, schooling, and goals. As a parent or caretaker, you want your child to be happy, reach full potential, and with this report, you'll learn how to develop your child's unique gifts and reach success. The journey from babyhood to adulthood is full of joys and challenges. This report helps you provide a nourishing and rich environment, the foundation for success in later life.

This astounding report makes a great gift at the arrival of a new child.

This report is clearly written by Stephanie Johnson, and beautifully illustrated with  artwork created by Australian children's book artist Janet Bridgland. It is written so that you will feel as if you are having a personal consultation and not reading a computerized report and it is not astrological jargon that is hard to understand, it reads like a story - a fascinating  story, just for your child.

The report is in six sections


2.Family and Friends includes interpretations for the Moon and Venus in the signs and houses

3.Talents and Schooling includes interpretations for the Sun and Mercury in the signs and houses

4.Goals includes interpretations for the Ascendant and Mars in the sign and houses

5.Childhood Journey includes interpretations of hard and soft aspects from the planets

6.Summary and Conclusion

Give the gift of Zodiac Child, a unique and practical gift that will be used and reassured for many years.

This report is sent by e-mail as a 3 MB attachment.

Check below for list of data needed
When you order send me an e-mail listing the following information for each report. 

  1. The name of the child, as you would like it on the report. 

  2. The month, day and year (in that order)

  3. Time of birth, [must indicate Am, or PM]

  4. For the USA the City and state in which the child was born. If not in the USA, list the city and country.

There are no refunds once the report has been sent

If you are having trouble ordering through the PayPal, please send an e-mail about the problem with the words  - astrology report problem - in the subject line. Thanks

Buy Two Reports at the same time and Get the Third Free.


$40.00 US

Send Birth Data

Zodiac Child Illustrated Report is a treasured gift.
This 20-page report tells about character, parents, friends, home life, school, and future. Natal chart included free. Sent as a Pdf



Learn how you can connect with your child, relieve tension, solve problems, and bring joy into both your lives.


Get the "vibes" between you and your child moving in a good direction with a chart reading.


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"I was able to help my child more after I learned that one of the traits of a Virgo is always wanting to be perfect. It let me drop a load of guilt off my shoulders. Thank you Zodiac Child"  NN

"My relationship with my child was easier within days after the reading, and I hadn't even done anything. I think the understanding I received in the reading helped me relax and my child sensed the change." JC

"I have given Zodiac Child to my all my friends when they have a baby, and they have been thrilled. I know that this is a gift that will be useful for a long time. The pictures are beautiful, and it' not like other computer generated reports, I actually understand it. It's like reading a story. I like the fact that she includes a letter for all type of parents and mentors, such as single parents. MW"

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