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 Planet Keywords

Keywords are a good starting point to get to know the planets. The planets are like verbs, they are the “doers” of the zodiac. They supply the energy to manifest what is connected to them. Even though there are ten planets, in astrology the Sun and Moon are referred to as the lights. When you think of this it makes sense for the Sun is a star, and the Moon is a satellite of the Earth.

It's fun to research your own keywords. For instance, a current buzzword is accountability, which is linked to Saturn. Watch the latest phrases that come out of the political administration, Wall Street and Fifth Avenue. These buzzwords are indicative of the times, and will help you upgrade your thoughts on the planets. We need to stay current. I'm prodding other astrologers to talk about this.

Sun - the ego, “the I”, the will, physical vitality, identity, individuality, father

Moon - reflection, magnetic traits, instinctive responses, change, personality, moods, security, sensitivity, mother

Mercury - the mind, communicating, thinking, talking, messages, restlessness, the messenger of the gods

Venus - society, artistry, refinement, manners, relationships and issues of relating, likes and dislikes, self-indulgence

Mars - action, athletics, assertion, drive, strength, desire

Jupiter - expansion, abundance, success, luck, things that are foreign, philosophy, religion, faith

Saturn - responsibility, boundaries and barriers, time, lessons, wisdom, sages, foundations, form and structure, order, discipline, poverty, authority figures, executors, administrators, isolation, restriction, shame, guilt, miserly, contraction, fear

Uranus - The rebel, independence, things that are unusual, sudden change, breakthroughs, genius, unique, inventive, sudden revelations. aha moments

Neptune - mysticism, illusion, the spiritual, escape, merging, fantasy, deception, art such as poetry, music, dance

Pluto - intensity, power, transformation, the volcano, slow profound change, the destroyer, manipulation

Copyright  July 2006 Susan Custer

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